Tottering Biped Theatre Never Disappoints

We had the pleasure of watching The Inconsolable Blueness by Tottering Biped Theatre. It was a show that had many effects that combined to create an intriguingly dark mood.
First was the dynamic use of light, representing the transition of one stage of life to the next. We felt the confusion and desparation of Jessica (lead character) throughout the performance , and the journey we were taken on as she searches for her sister kept us asking many questions. Was she dead? Was her sister dead? Was she trying to just save herself? Some of our questions were answered but after sharing personal interpretations we concluded that this piece allowed for individual translations.
However, any person who has gone through a period in their life consisting of a lack of clarity and direction can relate to Jessica’s feeling of being lost. As explained by Trevor Copp, this script went through a workshop process in its development, which immediately made the audience feel more invested.
We are interested in seeing the evolution of characters and the plot in the next version of this show. We would highly recommend that you take the time to see The Inconsolable Blueness and share your interpretations. Thank you Tottering Biped Theatre for challenging us as an audience (you never disappoint) and we look forward to your next show. We’ll be there!

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