Where was the best place to be on Sunday nights in Burlington? The answer is easy…. bannedPracticesTM from 8:30-12 midnight…that’s right… the lonely survivors of the weekend!! Performers… the numbers of inspired fresh talent is growing every week!!!

I am privledged to witness men and women rock out with soFX dadio and the “bannedMatesTM”…lovingly referred to as the “House banned”

For some I’ve witnessed their very first time performing ever.. and ALL of the players inspire me and will hold those tunes and smiles close to my heart always.
~soFXdadio Thanks for keeping the music alive in our hearts and carrying on with our community events

you are musically “off on the right note!” :) I am totally looking forward to the next soFX “bannedPracticesTM” event…’re all AMAZING!!!!

Keep rockin’…..soFX junkie :)

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