Tottering Biped Theatre Never Disappoints

We had the pleasure of watching The Inconsolable Blueness by Tottering Biped Theatre. It was a show that had many effects that combined to create an intriguingly dark mood. First was the dynamic use of light, representing the transition of one stage of life to the next. We felt the confusion and desparation of Jessica […]

It’s Time to Listen up Burlington!

Everyone has art and culture in them. The way you speak the way you’s part of your art… and your culture. if we are happy with administrators in city hall delving out the scraps of the table to you. forget what I just said. It feels like missing an amazing fireworks display, and all […]

Building the Arts in Culture

This group, that started off as 25 or so, has grown to 60+, and is now the largest artist movement in Halton. There is a wave of interest coming our way and if we are not aware and attuned to each other, population increase will only carve and fracture the original cause. Who is heading […]

Take two of these and call me in the morning….

Is there a disease (dis ease) in the world that can be called “telephone-game communication skills”? Is life always an intervention, a medical issue, why do we need to be medicated? Can’t LIFE be “dosed” to make us happier? more focused.. more human…? I take a stand that we are programmed through our society and […]

Dog Dayz of Summer are here…..look out!

~co-authored.. Who let the dogs out? Who who who!!! The dogs are out and they are biting… I am amused at how summer brings people out!!! The heat seems to stir up the aggressive side of folks in their conversations and attitudes!!! I dig the challenge that hot weather brings upon people: how do you […]

Why not put the words in your head on paper?

As a person who sees and feels the world through lyrics I encourage people to be a writer, or be coached to write. Find a co-author coach who can get the jist of your heart…and mold thought into your language…your heart language… Private and confidential loyaty to your inner artist. Trust me NON-WRITERS 20 years […]