Take two of these and call me in the morning….

Is there a disease (dis ease) in the world that can be called “telephone-game communication skills”? Is life always an intervention, a medical issue, why do we need to be medicated? Can’t LIFE be “dosed” to make us happier? more focused.. more human…?

I take a stand that we are programmed through our society and our education and believe we need to take personal responsibility for our actions. No more excuses!

Think of the show “Entourage” as a small community…we all have faults and character flaws… but look to the heart then you’ll be a true HELPING friend.

I think if someone wants to be helpful, they should speak up! And skip the magic tricks, just get to the core of what you are trying to say!!! The innuendo, and rhymes that we all TALK AROUND… So BIG TALKERS, BIG MOUTHS.. and vocalists…. Use your discretion when speaking unwell of another!! Never be the one to gossip and spread viruses around!

Here’s a song that always reminds me of the sadness of losing what was always assumed to be good. To all those who have old friends who forgot what loyalty and communication is…Don’t forget, fame will call YOU into the spotlight if you ever expect anything more out of life.

Yes, everyone has to be accountable to their faults, and sins of the past….but in the end, the past is past…

As Jesus said to his disciples,
“Let the dead bury the dead.”
Just saying my peace.

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