It’s Time to Listen up Burlington!

Everyone has art and culture in them. The way you speak the way you’s part of your art… and your culture. if we are happy with administrators in city hall delving out the scraps of the table to you. forget what I just said.
It feels like missing an amazing fireworks display, and all I can say is that I look forward to the build and the actual date of the next session that we need to attend! Man the sails, and batten down the hatches… “Be the wave, or be into the wave”
The Executive committee obviously needs help…and I think learning the language and the implications of this cultural conversation is so important. Communication and action is everything here… The way I see it we need this “farm team” ideal to make the future click better. We need to act as if, this plan was working the way we envision it… and we need to just go make the things we want happen… It already is, and some get that…
My life is changed, my vision clearer, and my heart is on fire because of you guys!! I am willing to meet with all of you! Trust me, I’ve spent many years writing stuff, and talking stuff…after many years of thinking and writing and talking the big talk…I am now learning the art of recording and public performing, and how to use the tools of mindset at these differing levels of writing, to recording to public engagement. I’ve learned that like writing a song or righting a wrong… it takes tenacity and consistent energy to make things happen… having the extra will power to come outside your comfort zone, and break down the walls of mediocre enthusiasm…(those big exciting dreams/visions without actions)
Do we truly understand the powerful nature of “Lights Camera Action!” or “On your mark, get set go!” The key to the carpenter who builds things is, “Measure twice cut once” Agree that we are ready.. agree that this city has the markings of an incredible example in unity, in all things cultural. We live in a community that sadly and incredibly lives off of “screens”. I’ve noticed with my work in fitness coaching and music, that people have a social anxiety about intersecting face to face… Everyone has such a great habit of spouting off in text and email and social media (ironically as I am now)…but ask them to meet, and there are a million and one rationalizations to procrastination. (PS. to “rationalize” is to tell “rational lies”)
I was at every meeting, except for this one, so I do not feel bad.. but I do feel that I missed valuable time and connectivity with those who chose to show. This is how and where we find our new pioneers, in the front row, and communicating openly. The others who just blend into the woodwork, don’t realize that they are important, and people need to hear how they see and understand culture…even if they are not sure what the heck is going on. This group needs people who get it, and the fresh one’s who haven’t a clue yet to the deeper implications of having artist, and truly creative minds add to the business and culture of this great city I was born in. I personally won’t sit around and allow “clicks” to form into divisions.. I won’t sit around and listen to people speak unwell of our city… I won’t sit around and worry about those who don’t want to participate in life’s valuable treasures.
So if you guys all want to get together, and try to build a farm team for an “arms length group”, as well as find people to represent us in the city… please send your phone number to me, and either I will call you or have Laura, my administrative assistant call and assist us. We truly can’t do culture in community alone. I am a positively optimistic and faithful spirit, and I hate saying can’t (and hate)… but this time can’t can be the agreement. So no one person must ever feel bad… ever.. there has to be grace in unfulfilled expectations and circumstance as long as we are actively pulling as a team. -Like the Canadian Goose, we interchange our leaders, and we speak to encourage, and when one is down, the pack keeps pulling as a few tend to the hurt. True synergy doesn’t just come from inspired words on social media.. it comes from actions. I believe we need a clear proper arts and culture resume, to prove our relevance in the past… and validate that past with our work now. I know its hard for people to toot their own horn, and maybe its hard to for an artists to see a relevance in that thing that inspires their life’s blood and passion… If you engage with what I am saying ( I just may be overstating now) I am willing to help anyone to enhance their vision by talking about you and your art and your that I can learn your language, and help create a stronger sense of visibility for all creative minds.
Artists and their work are not merely entertaining distractions… To an artist, their work will be the death of them. It is their entire world. It DOES effect everyone around them in ways perhaps unrecognized today, but just around the corner is that world that is wanting waiting with that hint of yearning belief that there is more to life. Culture is sustained and enhanced through unwavering belief. Arts is more than just a positive distraction. I don’t think like this for you or me… I think like this for our children’s children, for a strong desire to break apathy and division…and that is a fire no-one can take out of my belly, nor can anyone stop this unwavering passion for NOW and AFTER, with great respect to our Canadian roots. Peace Burlington, Peace!

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