Dog Dayz of Summer are here…..look out!

Who let the dogs out? Who who who!!!
The dogs are out and they are biting… I am amused at how summer brings people out!!! The heat seems to stir up the aggressive side of folks in their conversations and attitudes!!! I dig the challenge that hot weather brings upon people: how do you handle the distractions? Are you cool about it?

I’ve observed in my last 20 or so years… as a sales person, a network marketing success (for a moment), a self employed person, a well respected fitness professional, a professional writer/musician/coach and a busy running father & husband… is that in good times…lazy minded people tend to gang up on the doers? They sit back and collect data to use as fuel for your failure fire! Just waiting for you to screw up and secretly smiling when you do.

I’ve been working my ass off for about 12 months to prove my ability to finish and focus…there are still friends/players who have constantly complained to me (& to others). Guess what?! I listen more than people think! I heard you…even if you thought it was a whisper… and even now…in my 1st attempt at public stage and growth, these friends/players can’t even come clean to my face about what they like or don’t like! Players of life… NO INPUT is confusing, and limiting to a growing relationship!!! How do we move forward when no steps are taken….Find something constructive to say….set a goal for yourself and achieve it. Don’t blame others for your failures and find a positive distraction from running the treadmill of fear, worry and doubt.

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