Building the Arts in Culture

This group, that started off as 25 or so, has grown to 60+, and is now the largest artist movement in Halton. There is a wave of interest coming our way and if we are not aware and attuned to each other, population increase will only carve and fracture the original cause. Who is heading up a resource list of people? I would love to get to know every single person in this group, and connect idea’s and share them with each other.

AS A COACH, I promote autonomy and individualism. However, as Steven Covey Jr. talks about, there is Dependence, Independence & Interdependence. Coaching interdependence is an acquired skill from the root of social talents. TEAMS: I have become good at team building combining the arts and business side in a venture.

I sincerely think we should be doing a few things:
1. Put something together collectively within our talent pool to amaze Burlington.
-ie. North Burlington is a mecca of multiculture… lets consider a fun venture to “complete, not compete” North and South Burlington… and, like a web site, or shopping mall, flows the interest of humans with calculated marketing skills…. let’s lure the outskirt of Burlington into the core with a great attitude, and a happy peaceful joy about this community of Burlington. Get off the screens, and get outside.

2. Focus on bridging the gap to all cultural issues ie. AV Club and Jocks…. Fitness and Sport is a necessary link in the chain as well as Arts and Culture…both are players, both are performers. (what about business artists, numbers geniuses… we need idea’s to promote economy, especially if money is a key issue (as it unfortunately seems to always be…always blame the dead wood.)

3. Teach this group how to make people strive to help want to help us!! We artists know that yearning in our hearts to give soooo much… we know we put more into emotion and passion than a lot of people…that’s why we love this…We know our thoughts and action bring peace and action and definition to life… like the best thrill ride at the best amusement park!!

In Summary. 1. DO what we CAN now 2. CONNECT who we can now 3. be COLLECTIVE in COMMON UNITY
Continue to gather…

“Do not give up meeting, and be an encouragement to one another” – Proverbial quote.
“Build it and they will come” -Field of Dreams.

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