It is our intention to feed courage, tap spirit & fascinate focus with awesome Performance Skills & Musical Tools.

A soFX attitude inspires NATURAL TALENTS toward growth in YOU.

Our programs focus inspiring the independent artist to suceed in all areas of life.

We focus on your resume of talent.

We have a keen eye for talent.

We attract the most unique and creative minded people that want to share the spotlight!
We are grow entertaining and action positive teams of community performers.

Our main products are one on one coaching and mentoring services. Local studio access. Performance driven Tools for homework. We can personally suggest audio and video, as well as development seminars for the performer.
We think of our team as the carving curve for the merging of global artists.

We aim to engage co- talents and co-skills to build stuff in the community.
We hope you see our fun-ctional musical coaching concept.
We hope you seize the moment to be moved to engage and activate you. ~soFXdadio

Welcome home to soFX.Canada!